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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Resolutions

What are all of you New Years Resolutions?

I have a few that I hope to keep.

#1: I wanna make 2010 my best year yet. I want to enjoy life a lot more and have so much fun. I don't want to spend the whole year worrying and stressing.

#2: I want to be a better girlfriend, I try to be already but I don't always do a good job. My poor hunny has to deal with me being crabby and sometimes mean toward him. I don't want to hurt the one I love the most.

#3. This one is super hard for me, but that's why its a New Years Resolution, right? I want to quit drinking pop or at least limit it. I really wish that I could just limit it but I think that's to hard so maybe quitting cold turkey would be better? Hahahaha, I'm making it sound like a drug addiction. I'm not so much addicted to caffeine but I just think that its so yummy :) plus its always so much easier to grab a can of pop than pour something to drink. Wish me luck on this one because I can already see it failing.. Guess I need to be more determined.

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  1. I have the same #2 resolution :) I'm crossing fingers for you!